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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roo & Hector Spread the News...

Andrew Yori, right, and his dog, Hector, socialize with Stevi Hallisy and her dog, Jonah, at Leashes And Leads. Hector is a pit bull terrier rescued from Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring and has now passed testing to be a certified therapy dog.
Ken Klotzbach/Post-Bulletin

3/7/2009 6:05:01 PM

By Karen Rorie
Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

Therapy dogs and their handlers offer a calming presence and a break from routine, social interaction. For patients in a nursing home or hospital, they can make the day a little bit brighter.

According to Therapy Dogs International, a group that evaluates and certifies therapy dogs, any breed is eligible to be certified. What matters most is the dog's training and temperament.

No dog is a better example of this statement than Hector.

Hector, who is owned by Andrew Yori of Rochester, was recently certified as a therapy dog by TDI. He is a 4-year-old pit bull who spent the first part of his life as part of Michael Vick's dog-fighting operation in Virginia. Rescued in 2007, Hector moved to Rochester in June of last year.

Hector still bears scars from his fights, but he has settled happily into his new peaceful life.

"He's a big goofy dog," Yori said.

Pit bulls are a very resilient breed.

"Not a lot of dogs could go through what he did and still come out OK," Yori said.

Hector's attitude seems to be, "It's behind me, let's go forward and have a good time."

Hector's journey to becoming a therapy dog began with simple obedience training -- learning to sit, stay and show other good manners -- and passing the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test. Working to become a therapy dog seemed like a natural next step for Hector.

"He really enjoys anybody who will give him some attention," Yori said. "Nothing seems to phase him too much, so it seemed like a really good fit. And because of where he came from, it would really shatter a lot of stereotypes."

In order to be certified, each dog and handler team must pass a rigorous, 15-part exam.

"We try to mimic what some of the encounters might be like," said Marcia Fritzmeier, a TDI evaluator who administered Hector and Yori's test. TDI's exam tests each dog's manners, obedience, ease around people and reactions to situations such as loud noises and meeting other dogs.

Fritzmeier was aware of Hector's background before his test and paid special attention to his temperament, extending some of the tests to be sure Hector would be a good therapy dog.

"I could not believe the degree of excellence he passed this test with," she said. "He never stopped wagging his tail. He just enjoyed every second of it."

Once the paperwork is processed in a few weeks, Hector and Yori will begin making visits to nursing homes. Yori says bringing a bit of joy to another dog lover is the best part of the job.

"You really see the people who had dogs and love dogs, their eyes just light up," he said.

Karen Rorie is a Rochester freelance writer.

Web links

Therapy Dogs International
American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen program

FYI: Roo & his Rescued Pit bull Wallace won the 2007 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champions! Incredible event, and the National Championship was aired on ABC, ESPN2 and Animal Planet. Thousands cheered Wallace on as we proved once again what a Pit Bull is capable of in responsible hands.

Miami’s Pit bull Ban Takes a Hit

Breed specific legislation against pit bulls took another much deserved hit last week when a Dade County court ruled that Miami’s pit bull ban is too vague to be used as grounds for euthanizing animals.

The county ban applied to all dogs that “substantially conform” to American Kennel Club standards for American Staffordshire Terriers or Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or United Kennel Club standards for American Pit Bull Terriers.

To determine if a dog conformed to the standards, the animal control department used a chart that lists 15 body parts, such as head, neck, lips, chest, eyes, tail and hind legs. Officers check off which characteristics of a dog conform to a pit bull. If three or more characteristics are checked, the dog is declared a pit bull.

The court ruling came in a case challenging the finding by Miami-Dade County Animal Control that a family pet named Apollo was a “pit bull” that must be removed from the county or euthanized.

Rima Bardawil, the attorney for Apollo, pointed out that the ordinance makes no mention of any chart or checklist, and that it is not clear what standards animal control is using in making its determinations or how valid they are.

Dahlia Canes, executive director of Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, testified that animal control is “constantly” misidentifying the breeds of dogs. She told the court about one dog that was declared by an animal control officer to be a pit bull mix and ordered euthanized. Canes arranged to have the dog re-evaluated and he was determined to be a mastiff mix. The dog was then adopted to a family in Miami-Dade County.

In the case of Apollo, the animal control officer photographed the dog from several feet away, then used the photo to pick three body parts he said he thought conformed to pit bull standards.

It makes one wonder — how many of the dogs described by police, and characterized in headlines, as pit bulls really are of the breeds that fall under that catch-all term?

Posted by jwoestendiek March 30th, 2009 under Muttsblog.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Boys will be Boys...

We got to spend a Fun Filled day with our Grandsons Wyatt & Reece this weekend. Here's some pics of just a few of the things they got into...

Biker Boyz

Baha Buggyin'...

Let's Slide!

Looking for Trouble...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

...They say it's your birthday...

Today is my Birthday. They are coming faster & Faster & FASTER! LOL! We also celebrate Phil's birthday along with mine. The place... errr...pig sty...he came from is down the road from my home a little ways. I saw him when they first got him as a tiny puppy, so we can sort of "guesstimate" that he was born in March sometime...4 Years ago.

I got (took) Philly when he was about 7 or 8 months old & knocking on deaths door. He was such a sick & emaciated pup & his "owners" were just going to let him die, like the other dog they had let die the week before. It looked like he had parvo from the symptoms, but Thankfully was Coronavirus instead, which has the same symptoms. You can only imagine the shape he was in. I really only expected to pay to have him humanely put to sleep & end his misery, poor boy. But...after 3 days of Excellent Care & IV fluids at my Vets office...he made a Miraculous Recovery! I got to bring him home to finish nursing him back to health & here he is today! My beautiful Philly Boy...Happy & Healthy. Happy Birthday Buddy! I hope to celebrate lot's more birthdays together.

Oh yeah...the Wonderful Vets who saved my Phil...well...they are now my Bosses! LOL!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Very Special Order...

I was honored with another request from Miss Dolly this week. After I made the first Early Style Horses for her, she requested a larger one in a different color for a gift, but since she was coming to town soon...I had to stop the presses & get this Special Order done Quick!

Here's my finished piece, that I delivered today. I hope she likes it!

Oh Wow! I LOVE Surprises!

There was a box on my front porch when I got home this evening. I thought it was a bike part that my Hubs had ordered...When he brought the box inside & said it was for ME...I knew right away who it was from...My Buddy Cookie!

A HUGE Surprise Package filled to the brim with Goodies Galore! I was making so much racket opening the colorful tissue wrapped Gifts, that my Hubs came to see what I was squealing about. See for yourself...

This Stitchery touched my heart...My new words to live by. The Sweet Rabbit is a Curds & Whey Original, by Sweet Cookie herself. Isn't he just TDF!?!

Check out this Darling Note Pocket! I had never seen one of these before. I absolutely Love It! Perfect Colors for my house, too!

I almost died when I opened up this FABULOUS Vintage Tin Lunch Box in my FAVE Old Green Color & Looky...It has a Leather Handle! These old tin lunch boxes are one of my biggest weaknesses. I have been collecting them for a bit, but this one is by far my most beloved one of all! Thank You Cookie!...(Do you have ESP or What?)

I opened it up & it was loaded with even more Surprises! Specialty Paints, a yummy Candle, a Sheep Notepad, Paper Garland & check out that Wicked Cute Prim Tag! I love that image!

Check out the Adorable Humpty Dumpty Shelf Sitter too! Of course "Auntie Cookie" did not forget my 4 Legged Fellers...Not One, but TWO Yummy bags of Treats, also specially wrapped with a Kewl Prim Doggie Tag!

Thanks soooo much for ALL of the Wonderful Surprises! I LOVE EVERYTHING, but most of all....I Love You, Buddy! ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where has the Time Gone?

Holy Moly! It's been a month & a half since I last posted. Where is the time getting to? It's been crazy around here lately. I've been working my day job & my night job & my dog job & then we started another house project...Calgon...Take me away! hehehe

I was asked to do some Early Style Horses for our Beloved Smoky Mountain Darling, Miss Dolly herself. What an HONOR! I was sooo nervous, wanting to get them just right & they were such a simple request, but then, I am a Worry Wart from waaaaay back!

Here is what I delivered for Miss Dolly...

I received word that another horse was needed, but in a larger size & different color, so I am working on that order right now. Who knows...maybe I'll get to meet Miss Dolly in person some day!?! I have that wish on my "Bucket List". :)

New Pics of the Crew

Here's some pics of the boys...


Phil & Chief have become Bestest Buddies. It's Wrestle Mania around here when they get to playing.

Chief sleeps in the craziest positions...

Pooped Out Pups...

Pit Bulls Rock!

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Uncle Sam & Rocket Dog Pull Toy

Uncle Sam & Rocket Dog Pull Toy
This is one of my all time favorite pieces. I used my APBT Phil as the model for Rocket Dog.

~*Rebecca's Thyme Primitives*~

~*Rebecca's Thyme Primitives*~
"Rebecca's Thyme Primitives" in Pigeon Forge, TN is truly a Primitive Lovers Delight! If you are planning a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains area... Be sure to put this on your "To Do" List!

Rebecca offers a wide variety of Fine Hand Crafted Furniture, Lamps, Candles, Stitcheries, Dolls, Folk Art "Needfuls" as well as Offerings from Me!

I am doing One of a Kind pieces for Rebecca, as well as Finished Goods from some of my Favorite Artists/ Designers Patterns.

Thanks to Kentucky Primitives for the Great Cupboard Eagle design, Crows Roost Prims for my Favorite Black Bear design & Jackie Schmidt for her Wonderful Primitive & Prairie Doll designs! Love you ladies! :)

Reece & Polly Dog out for a stroll

Reece & Polly Dog out for a stroll
Apollo has been to obedience school. Can't say the same for Mr. Reece...LOL!

Did I mention I have a Grand-Kitty too?

Did I mention I have a Grand-Kitty too?
Reece gives Mr Kittlesworth a hug....

Wyatt gets luv from Phil

Wyatt gets luv from Phil