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Monday, April 14, 2008

Tag! I'm It! :)

OK...I have been tagged by the Lovely & Talented Jamie of "Peach Street Primitives" to tell 5 things about myself...Oh dear...I'm just not that interesting! LOL! goes...

#1 I am a Hopeless Hoarder. I work best in my messy workplace. When I tidy things up, I can't ever find a thing I am looking for! Yes, there is a method to my madness! LOL!

#2 I am a Tomboy. I can't walk in heels. I feel stupid in a dress. I wear motorcycle boots or flip flops year round & always, always Jeans. Put me outside cutting grass or dragging brush & I'm a Happy Gal!

#3 I am Very Shy. I like working at home. I have lot's of friends & make friends easily, but I am most comfortable & at ease working from home, with my dogs, who seem to understand (or maybe the word is tolerate?) my quirks best.

#4 I am a Cancer Survivor... 9 years now!

#5 I hope someday to take a motorcycle trip to the Grand Canyon & other sites I have read about on Ara & Spirit's Blog. I think that would be a sight to see & extra fun on a bike. I would love to meet up with my TDIPT Sisters & Friends I have met online, along the way!


Doreen said...

Greetings. I too am a terrible horder when it comes to my sewing room...I always think I'm going to eventually use i never want to throw it closets, drawers and cabinets are jam packed to the brim!

You have a lovely blog all your pictures..your family is lovely.

My nephew and his gf just got two little pit bull puppies they are the cutest things.

Have a wonderful day. love your creations.


Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Awwww, Doreen...You are always just the Sweetest! I would LOVE to see pics of those cute puppies. I've never had a puppy...just grown doggies that someone tossed away, but I sure do love 'em! Thanks so much for the nice comment! Hugs, Staral :)

Prim and Proper Folks said...

I loved reading those 5 things about you. It's nice to meet a fellow hoarder (looks like we are in good company)! Congratulations on 9 years cancer free, my friend!! I would also love to be able to have a TDIPT get together!!! Hugs-S

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

LOL! Hoarders ROCK! Thanks Susan... Hugs, Starla :)

Uncle Sam & Rocket Dog Pull Toy

Uncle Sam & Rocket Dog Pull Toy
This is one of my all time favorite pieces. I used my APBT Phil as the model for Rocket Dog.

~*Rebecca's Thyme Primitives*~

~*Rebecca's Thyme Primitives*~
"Rebecca's Thyme Primitives" in Pigeon Forge, TN is truly a Primitive Lovers Delight! If you are planning a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains area... Be sure to put this on your "To Do" List!

Rebecca offers a wide variety of Fine Hand Crafted Furniture, Lamps, Candles, Stitcheries, Dolls, Folk Art "Needfuls" as well as Offerings from Me!

I am doing One of a Kind pieces for Rebecca, as well as Finished Goods from some of my Favorite Artists/ Designers Patterns.

Thanks to Kentucky Primitives for the Great Cupboard Eagle design, Crows Roost Prims for my Favorite Black Bear design & Jackie Schmidt for her Wonderful Primitive & Prairie Doll designs! Love you ladies! :)

Reece & Polly Dog out for a stroll

Reece & Polly Dog out for a stroll
Apollo has been to obedience school. Can't say the same for Mr. Reece...LOL!

Did I mention I have a Grand-Kitty too?

Did I mention I have a Grand-Kitty too?
Reece gives Mr Kittlesworth a hug....

Wyatt gets luv from Phil

Wyatt gets luv from Phil