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Monday, August 17, 2009

Back from Vacation & I have Pictures!

We went on our annual Helen, Ga trip this weekend, but we went down a day earlier than the big bike group so we could check out more of the area sites. Boy are we glad that we did!

We stopped by a few Antique Shops. This one was in Helen & the shop & gardens were just lovely!

One was named "Good K-9 Antiques" & you know I had to go in there! LOL!

We stopped by the Indian Mound Memorial...

...Hunted up a Bike Repair Shop, to help out one of our fellow riders. We lucked onto a shop named "Rooster's" & got to meet this cute little girl...

...Stopped by a Kewl Place called "Goats on the Roof" and I could have stayed there all afternoon! The Goats really have people trained there. Folks buy food & then peddle a bicycle or crank a wheel to deliver the treat cups up to the eagerly waiting Goats! They have all sorts of aerial walkways & bridges to get them from one treat location to another. I knew my Friend & Goat Lover, Jen & her Daughter Riley would get a kick out of this place!

They even had a "Reserved Parking Spot" saved for my Dear Hubs!

As we were leaving, I found this Cute Little Feller relaxing by a shady bush...

Then it was back to town...

For dinner & drinks with our friends...

...and night time Carriage Rides through town...

On our way home, we stopped off in Cherokee for some quick shopping, where I snapped this colorful guy standing on a corner.

Our trip was a short weekend jaunt, but when we went to pick the boys up from the Doggie B&B, you would have thought we had been gone for Months!

It's fun to get away, but there is still "No Place Like Home!" :)


Dogpatch Primitives said...

oh Starla, your trip looks like fun! I love the antique shops, and the goat place is soooo neat! I know Jen and Riley would be in heaven. She can start her own goat tourest attraction!
Dinner and a carriage ride look wonderful too!
Glad you are home safe, and thank you for sharing. Have I ever told you that I love your smile? :)

The Prairie House Primitives said...

Oh Starla what a fun trip you had!!! Looks like such a quaint little town...and goats on the roof...will how could there be anyplace better than that!!!! Of course at the rate we are going collecting goaties we are gonna have em on our roof before too long too!!!!
I LOVE that picture of Philly-what a hambone!!!!

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Thanks Patty & Jen. I just know you & Riley are drawing up blueprints right now for your own Goatie Penthouse on the Prairie! LOL! Hugs, Starla :)

Cookie said...

Love love love the pics, buddy!!!

What a lovely trip and so glad the weather cooperated for you! You are just as adorable as they come and your heart shines bright in all you do. Can't wait for the next trip to TN... I'm here to tell you, our visit will sure last longer than 2 hours!!! Rain or Shine lol

The kids were sure glad to see you too - what fun pics ♥

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

HAHaaa love them furry guys of yours. Looks like fun trip to me , I like my trips short & sweet. I mis my pups too much.~~Pam

~Tonya said...

Looks like you had an AWESOME time, Starla. The pictures say so much. I love looking in those antique shops and the goats, carriage rides...what more could ya ask for.

Thanks for sharing and the pics of your furbabies, just so very sweet.

Have a great week.

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Thanks Pam & Tonya! Cookie, gonna hold ya to the Longer Visit Plan for your next trip! :)

Bittersweet Pastimes said...

Love the beautiful pictures of Helen. Looks like you had a great time. But I'm sure your boys were glad to have you back! They're always adorable, Starla. :)



What a FUN TRIP...Yup the best part of any trip or vacation is returning HOME! Your furry kids are so precious...and thanks for sharing.


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Uncle Sam & Rocket Dog Pull Toy
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~*Rebecca's Thyme Primitives*~
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Reece & Polly Dog out for a stroll
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Did I mention I have a Grand-Kitty too?
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Wyatt gets luv from Phil